Each piece of clothing is lovingly cut and sewn by hand in our studio based in the north of England. Using the finest quality materials, every garment is constructed using french seams, a finish typically used in luxury garments. This ensures a beautiful internal appearance of the garment as well as strengthening the seams of delicate fabric. 

Our knitwear is hand knitted locally using the finest Ethically sourced Merino Wool.

Every hat is created in our studio from start to finish. Firstly a block is carved from wood, then each wool felt hat is individually moulded to the block. Once the shape has formed, a cotton headband is stitched onto the inside of the hat for comfort and fit. A leather strap is secured with a hand embroidered star on the outside of the hat.

Every piece we create is special and one of a kind. Produced slowly with great care to ensure a quality we can be proud of.