Wunderlang x Tijana Draws

Wunderlang x Tijana Draws

The sensibility of Lukovic’s work feels a million miles away from where we stand today. A dreamy world before technology and eco anxiety, simpler times when children are free to roam without fear. Her paintings inspire us to look closer at nature, to get outside with our children whatever the weather, to explore, forage and learn. Taking time to stop and admire insects, letting the child lead the way.


Wunderlang has commissioned Lukovic to create 3 paintings of our collection to share with you. Two have been made into thank you notes, available with every purchase, the other print available to buy online.


We were so happy to work with you on the beautiful series of paintings you created for Wunderlang.


Tijana’s creative space

Tijana’s creative space

Please could you share a bit about what inspires your work?

My name is Tijana, I am a mother, a painter and an illustrator.

My biggest inspiration is my daughter and our world of play, everything starts from there. Next to motherhood I am very inspired by nature and its ever changing seasons, fairytales, folk and naive art as well as waldorf art and craft. I love books of Elsa Beskow, Sybil von Olfers, Beth Krommes, Eva Maria Ott Heidmann and many other artists that capture love for nature in such a whimsical and beautiful way.



Can you give us an insight into your life, where you live, your family?

My little family is my husband and my two year old daughter, we live in a small medieval city of Ghent in Belgium. It’s a beautiful town with the most amazing architecture. I keep falling in love with it again and again.

But originally I come from Serbian little town surrounded with beautiful mountains called Užice.

Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I remember there was a small period when I wanted to be biologist next to being an artist, but being an artist was never excluded and that is since I remember myself. Colors and brushes was something I was always drawn to. 

What three words would you use to best describes your work?

Nature, play and magic

If you had one piece of advice for your daughter, what would it be?

Oh that is difficult… to be just one but I would tell her to love herself. 

THANK YOU NOTES by Tijana Draws

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